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Devon is an 18 year old Freshman Honors student at OCU, majoring in Photography and Business Administration and minoring in Spanish. This is her second season as a Barons Ice Girl. She has been a competitive figure skater for over eleven years. As a figure skater, she has grown up around hockey, and her favorite part of the sport is the excitement and fast pace of the game, and the incredible fans. Some of her hobbies thrifting, taking photos of anything and everything, finding new music, and decorating her dorm. If she could spend the entire day with anyone it would be the Beatles because they are her favorite band. She couldn't live without her loving dog and amazing friends and family. 

Favorite Movie: Across the Universe 
Favorite Quote: "Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted." - John Lennon
Favorite Food: Mom's homemade enchiladas 



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