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Christy is a 20 year old sophomore Dance Performance major at the University of Central Oklahoma. This is her third year on the Barons Ice Girl team. She grew up watching hockey with her dad and loves everything about it, the fast pace, the skills, the fighting, and especially the fans. She has been dancing in numerous styles, her favorites being jazz and contemporary, since she was 5 years old and competed locally and nationally for 8 years. She has never been trained as a figure skater, but loves the sport and practices sometimes on her own. She has been baking and decorating cakes since she was 13 and hopes to make a career out of it someday, as well as teaching dance. Her other hobbies include watching hockey and baseball, sewing, crafting, keeping up with homework, and spending time with her parents, friends, and boyfriend.

Her favorite movies are 27 Dresses and any Pixar movie.
She loves almost anything Hello Kitty or with a chevron pattern.
Her favorite colors are turquoise with black, white, and/or grey.
Her favorite quote is, “I wanna be an artist who rises above the world that is wide and filled with self-love.”
She says she couldn’t live without her phone since she is frequently texting her boyfriend, checking Facebook, and getting ESPN updates from the Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars, Edmonton Oilers, and Chicago Blackhawks. She would like to thank God for blessing her and giving her the opportunity to do all these amazing things J



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