By Josh Evans, OKC Barons on 07/21/2011

The downtown Oklahoma City area continues to change with the Project180 initiative continuing its progress through the streets of the city.

Members of the Oklahoma City Barons staff attended a project update meeting on July 21 to learn what progress has been made on the project and what areas are due for change during the 2011-12 Barons hockey season. 

The meeting served as an update for tenants of the downtown area and those areas most impacted by the construction.  The presentation showed the process behind some of the improvements, some of the hurdles that have been overcome, explanation of some of the benefits of the project and a forecast of future projects.

Several projects have been completed that impact the area around the Cox Convention Center and access to the parking garage under the building.  Those include:
Reno Avenue (the street south of the Cox Convention Center) is now complete from EK Gaylord west to Walker and is open to traffic in both directions.

Two-way traffic now able to traverse Robinson between Sheridan and Reno.  Translation is parking garage access from Robinson Avenue (on the west side of the Cox Convention Center) is now available from the intersection of Reno and Robinson.

Other projects that started last year are either complete or scheduled to be complete near the beginning of the Barons 2011-12 hockey season.  Those include:

Completion of the Myriad Gardens
Traffic pattern switch on Walker
Completion of Harvey and Robinson Avenues near the OKC Memorial

For the 2011-12 season, fans visiting the Cox Convention Center can expect to see construction in the following areas:

The east side of the intersection of EK Gaylord and Reno has a three-way stop sign.  The intersection is under construction so crews may continue to work on the waterline.  Presently at the intersection, northbound traffic is reduced to one lane while southbound traffic is at two lanes.

Sheridan Avenue (the street just north of the Cox Convention Center) will experience construction through the 2011-12 season. 

The two westernmost lanes of Robinson from Park Avenue to Sheridan are expected to be completed by October 15, while the two easternmost lanes of Robinson from Park to Sheridan are expected to be completed by December 15.

The Oklahoma City Barons website will continue to offer updates during the season on the Project180 initiative and how it may impact traffic flow at our games.  We will also offer the most efficient route to get to the arena as well as suggestions on parking for games.  Fans are also encouraged to follow the Project180 website at, on Twitter @project180 or on Facebook.

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