By Josh Evans, OKC Barons on 09/16/2011

Oklahoma City Barons Season Seat Holders should expect to start seeing their ticket books arrive in the mail, beginning as early as September 16.

Several questions have been asked since the books began to arrive. We are posting this as a method to answer a few of the most common questions:

Will the tickets being delivered require a signature?
No.  They will be delivered to the address on file by the U.S. Postal Service and do not require a signature.

I ordered a parking pass.  Will that be included with the ticket books?
The only item that is being delivered at this moment are the Season Seat Holder ticket books.  The Season Seat Holders that ordered parking books will have their Parking Books available at a later date, well before the season begins.  

I ordered a parking pass. Is the preseason game included?
Only the 38 regular season home games are included in the Parking Pass Plan.

What if all of my tickets didn't arrive?
Please contact the Barons office at 232-4625 and notify your ticket representative. The Barons office will make sure fans have their tickets in enough time to attend the preseason game.

Is there still a merchandise discount and other amenities for Season Seat Holders?
Yes. Those ancillary items such as the merchandise card and extra perks will be made available in the near future.  The merchandise discount will be utilized by presenting a "Copper Card" (shown here).  Season Seat Holders will carry that with them to take advantage of the discount.

Amenities such as special coupons to bring friends to the game will be made available electronically for easier distribution to friends, family, etc.

The front office of the Barons hockey team encourages fans with questions to contact the office at 232-4625 with questions you may have about your seats and the delivery of tthe ticket books.

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