"I met my husband Bill, 38 years ago when I was selling tickets to the CHL OKC Blazers (owned by Toronto Maple Leafs).Bill was playing Jr. Hockey when we met. We've been married 37 years and have three grown and married children and three grandsons.

Bill coached our son, who played hockey, for 11 years.So, we've travelled as far away as Detroit, St. Louis, Colorado, etc.,for his hockey games and to get our hockey fill.

I proudly work for the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety here in OKC. As far as "Lucky" the Jeep, my F250 pickup now just sits in the garage. I'm all over town with that Jeep when my husband doesn't steal it for the day. When I was called about being a finalist, I was very excited. Having a 1 out of 20 chance for something this big has never happened to me.My contest was to guess how many words were on a newspaper sheet front and back without going over.When I saw what everyone around me had written down, I just wasn't certain how good my chance was, but was nervous and excited just to be part of it.I work with numbers all day long in my work, but not so much words. When my guess was the last one left facing up, I believe, four judges came and told me I had won!I gasped and just starting running!Have no idea where I was going, but my energy level was not containable, so something had to give!!Then, a Barons representative turned me toward the Jeep and I lost it all over again!I didn't know whether to laugh, scream or cry, so, I just did all three!

Bill immediately started receiving calls from family and friends and they continued until midnight and then again early in the morning from people who were at the game, or saw me on KFOR Sports. Both the calls and clips on the sports channels continued well into Sunday night. Everybody I come in contact with absolutely loves this Jeep and the awesome wrap.Which by the way, our vehicle sponsors, OKC Barons Hockey, KFOR, John Vance Motors,The Gazette, Express, and Magic 104.1 along with all the others have done an outstanding job to put on such a neat contest.Thank you so very much! I hear stories from my friends and co-workers about how they've seen the various vehicles around town.The whole thing is just unbelievable...12 vehicles!!!"
Cindy Hughes