Community Outreach

The Oklahoma City Barons are committed to being an integral part of the community in and around Oklahoma City.  To that end, the Barons are involved in several specific projects chronicled below.

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Barons Floor Hockey Caravan

As part of their initiative to promote healthy living and team work, the Barons have teamed with the Schools for Healthy Lifestyles Foundation to provide a lesson about hockey as well as the importance of healthy living, being active, staying in school and working as a team. The equipment can be used by groups as small as 20 kids to as many as 80.

Click here to see the Barons Floor Hockey Caravan in action.

Testimonials about the Barons Floor Hockey Caravan:
My name is Holly Vonderohe and Iam the Physical Education teacher at Lakeview Elementary school in Yukon Oklahoma.  On Monday January 14, 2013 Brian Chandler came to my school for our morning assembly and to teach floor hockey all day to my classes.  I wasn't sure what to expect from this program because I had a bad experience with a different team's program.  So was a little nervous, but I just want you and all the Barons administrators involved to know that you have an excellent program.  Brian came in and talked to the students about nutrition and staying in school, keeping the grades up. Brian also talked about sportsmanship and working together.  He even talked to the students about winning and losing.  I was so impressed with the way Brian handled the students and himself.  I will schedule this program every year from here on out!  I was also pleased to have Dan Ringwald show up in the afternoon! What a great surprise to have one of the players show up.  Dan was also very good with the students and did not hesitate to jump right in and interact with the students.  Last but not least I would like to thank you for allowing all of this to take place.  Without you all supporting this program my students would not have had this program.  Thank you for allowing Bit to also be there!  My students really loved him!

Stacy Storey
Art Teacher - Spring Creek Elementary


I am writing this e-mail to let you know what a great experience we are having with the Barons.  I contacted the Barons to just inquire about having the caravan come out for part of a day to expose the kids to some hockey. With the help of Chris Halley is snowballed into an exciting experience that has our entire school wanting to see more of the Barons and attend some games. We are really excited to have a Barons night devoted to Spring Creek.

Once the Caravan arrived at our school, Brian Chandler was amazing.  He set up the gym and to top it off he is great with kids!!!  The two gentlemen with him (Chris and Drake) were great as well. He brought the kids backpacks with goodies inside.  Our kids have never been more excited to be a part of something so big.  They were wearing their backpacks all day and walked in with them today!  As educators we love to get kids excited so I thank you for giving up the opportunity to share an experience with our students that will provide them with some memories that will last beyond their time with us in elementary school.

Your organization should be very proud to have interactions with the community that so positive and create “fans for life”.  You have a great staff and we are honored to be having this experience with the Barons. I can’t wait to attend my first hockey game!!!

Oklahoma City Youth Hockey Association

Along with the Floor Hockey Caravan, the Oklahoma City Barons are proud to partner with the Oklahoma City Youth Hockey Association.  The OKCYHA features the growth of the sport of hockey at the grass roots level.  From the popular introductory program called Kids First, to the compeition at the highest level, the OKCYHA is a continually growing organization.



barons buddies

The Barons Buddies Program utilized an existing relationship with Special Olympics Oklahoma, a community partner of the Oklahoma City Barons.  The Barons are active members of the community, but have three season-long commitments to different community partners within the Oklahoma City Metro area.  While working with every member of the community is important, partnering with three allows the Barons to commit their personnel and resources to maximize the impact for everyone.   For more information about Barons Buddies, click here.